Drive Activity LEDs

 The "Drive Bay Panel" has four LEDs, which should flicker on disk drive activity.

"Drive activity signals" are produced by drive controller cards, or the HDD drives itself.
They do not appear on the QBUS backplane and therefore cannot be produced by the QProbe plug-in card.

However two sources for activity LEDs are provided:

1.  The LEDs of QBone can be configured to show signals for emulated disk drives.


2. The little control panel in DEC BA23/123  enclosures has two Disk LEDs, which are also routed on the QProbe panel.

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 So for the full setup, some more cabling is needed (click to enlarge)

qprobe2023 drivebaypanel wiring

Mounting in BA23

The Drive Bay Panel fits into the space for full height 5.25" disk drives.

You can mount it into a separate case, or even into a slot on DECs BA23/BA123 enclosures with help of an 3D printed sled.

panel base ba23 sled


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