Now we need to mount (foreign) the two disks that we copied from the original baseline disk and make a bootable disk with more file headers. The RQ disks in sim have now become DU disks in RSX.

DU0:     Public Mounted Loaded Label=RSX11MPBL87 Type=RD54
DU1:     Loaded Type=RD54
DU2:     Loaded Type=RD54
DU3:     Loaded Type=RX50

Note that most RSX commands can be abbreviated to 3 letters. Also, not all utilities are installed. To install BRU type:


We are now ready to use BRU to make a disk with more headers. To learn more about BRU you can type HELP BRU. I chose to increase the # of file headers to 8000 from 3308 and also increase the maximum allowed headers to 15,000.

>BRU /INI/MAX:15000./HEA:8000.
From:   DU1:
To:     DU2:
BRU -- *WARNING* -- No bad block data file found
BRU - Completed

Now we can check to see if the DU2: has the increased number of file headers. We need to dismount the disks then mount them as Files-11, public volumes.

16:31:58 *** DU1: -- Dismount complete
DMO -- TT0:   dismounted from DU1:   *** Final dismount initiated ***
16:32:04 *** DU2: -- Dismount complete
DMO -- TT0:   dismounted from DU2:   *** Final dismount initiated ***
Volume Information
Class:       Files-11
Device:     DU02
Volume label:RSX11MPBL87
Pack serial: 00000001236
Owner:       [1,1]
Default:     [RWED,RWED,RWED,R]
Processor:   F11ACP

DU2: has 168740. blocks free, 142460. blocks used out of 311200.
Largest contiguous space = 147509. blocks
12097. file headers are free, 2903. headers used out of 15000.