As said on previous pages, I digitized 330 PDP-11 XXDP assembler listings, with a total of 53545 document pages. Almost all of them are new stuff, which was not available on the internet before.

The scans come in two versions: "high quality" and "black&white":

High quality

The HQ version is gray level and contains a true image of the micro fiches, after non-destructive contrast enhancement. It is the base for further image processing.


The B&W version is compressed to black & white and aggressively optimized for size and letter quality. File sizes are 20x smaller than the HQ version. Its intended for daily use and OCR, but for some very problematic fiches textual information is lost.


The Blac&White versions are here at bitsavers.

Both the HQ and the BW versions are also accessible over my "PDP-11 diagnostic database".

Use this page, then goto to the "Module Index" and search the diagnostic code in your browser. The further link will lead to all files for this diagnostic.

Or read here a case study "how to use the database" for further details.