You will see the PDP-11/40 console almost everywhere on these pages, so it's suppressed here. By the way, it is owned by CCG.


Here comes my own PDP-11/70:

panel pdp11-70

I've played with it before, see here.

This is another PDP-11/70, delivered as "DEC datasystem 570" (courtesy of Mart Matlock)

mark matlock decdatasystem570 panel 1


This is my PDP-11/05:

panel pdp11-05



This is from CCG collection:

panel pdp12


DEC PDP-10 KI10 processor panel

This is my preciousssss. I'm working on it at the moment.

panel ki10


DEC PDP-10 controller header panel

I have also a few header panels from controller racks. There's a total of four, here is a disk controller panel:

panel pdp10 disk controller

These have about 100 lamps, and no switches. One sunday I played with the lamps: 80% of them are burned!

DEC PDP-15 console panel

18 bit machine, last successor of PDP-1. A dream in White & Blue !

panel pdp15

DEC PDP-15 controller header panel

I'm not really sure whether this is a '15.  It looks like the PDP-10 header panel, but has many 9 bit width display fields. 9 = 18/2? Must be a tape controller:

panel pdp15 tape controller