RETROCMP is open to everybody to write.

How to create an author account:

  1. You contact me and tell me that you want to submit an article.
  2.  I'll enable your account and setup a directory for your images.

How to write an article:

(Writing is easy and intuitive, even if the following step-by-step procedure contains some text.)

  1. Tell me what you want to write about. I'll generate the proper "category" for your article, see below.
    (Under Joomla, an "article" is displayed as one web page, so think of it as a short chapter. Many "articles" are grouped together by the "category", so the Joomla "category" is closer to a real life article than the Joomla "article" itself.)
  2. Login to In the USER MENU, click the "Submit article" button.
  3. There are four mandatory settings for your article:
    - choose a title. (Article URL is build fro mthe title, so be as specific as possible)
    - set the catagory, as discussed above. If you forget tha,m the article will vanish in Joomla's vaults.
    - set the online status. Must always be set to "Published".
    - set the access. "Public" means: article is online. "Registered" means: article is hidden, and only visible to you and some insiders.
  4. Enter text into the editor box. The editor is "JCE", here is documentation.

Save the first time! After save, press the "Edit" button to proceed writing. edit button

Attention: this is an online-system.
You will loose your work on any connection loss or session timeout.
So save your article often, at least every 10 minutes!

How to include images:

Your article live on images!

1.  Prepare your images: width must not exceed 600 pixels, format must be JPG or PNG.

2.  Before you can insert an image into the text, you must upload it. Click the "image" button BELOW the editor text window:
image button1
An upload form appears:

image upload form

The upper part lets you navigate to the directory on the server, were the image is to place. Choose "/stories/<your_name>". Under "Upload files" you select the prepared files on your local disk. ("Durchsuchen" is German and means "Browse")
Then click "Start Upload"

3.  After upload, you can insert the image into your text. Click the image button ABOVE the editor text window:

image button2

Select the image in the server directory (remember: it is "/stories/<yourname>"). Choose alignment, and press Insert.


Editing an existing article.

Just navigate to the article and press the "edit" button.

edit button