Probably 12 to 25 EDDA 3 were in use. The application began in 1969 (date of user manual), around year of 2003 apparently there still was an EDDA 3 in use. The design engineer Mr. Meyer tells in an e-mail in 2010:

"You asked for the number of built EDDAs. I actually don’t know it precisely, because after [we build] the first systems any further were not managed by us, the development department, but by the product department for scales. I guess it were about one to two dozens. Some years ago (maybe 6 or 8) I met one of my former colleagues, long since retired, who attended to the still running EDDAs in private and repaired them if needed. He told me that at those times one still was in operation and made good work.

The previous model, EDDA 2, stood in the coking plant called Anna near Aachen on a drafty train platform and loaded trains with a precise weight of coke. This still was a full control cabinet instead of a double heigth plug-in module. EDDA 1 was a draft.

I remember an animal feed factory in Koblenz where feed was mixed automatically according to different recipes (given by punch cards); then in principle the same, Harrybrot in Hannover with baking recipes, a chemical plant in the Harz Mountains where latex was mixed, a feed factory in Mannheim, three EDDAs of the same kind for Farbwerke Hoechst where paint cans were filled, as available in do-it-yourself stores. In order to be fast, a learning behavior was programmed to determine the ideal turn-off time so that the color still being in the air was just the lot missing in the can.

And so on, through the use in materials handling, a package sorting system at Lufthansa ...

ONLY 25 systems - it sounds like they would have been sold over the counter. But each was part of a system that usually kept a whole department busy for months, including commissioning lasting for weeks or even months."