QProbe - Introduction

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When repairing DEC PDP-11s there's always the need to see whats happening on the main system bus. On newer PDP-11s and Micro-VAXes this is the QBUS.

So after UniProbe, I also designed a "QProbe".

qprobe total

The card has these features:

  • it acts optionally as bus terminator via changeable resistor packs.
  • it visualizes the QBUS signals. 
  • Two display modes:
    a) ADDR and DATA are demultiplexed, INTR and DMA pulses are elongated to be visible.
    b) "passthrough": LEDs just show state of bus lines.
  • Pin headers provide access to signals via logic analyzer (LA) or multimeter.
  • Patch field to connect LA probes to QBUS signals in a clean way. LA ports with changeable impedance-matching resistor packs.
  • LED drivers and demultiplexer logic realized with two EPM240T100 CPLDs. These can be programmed with own logic via an onboard JTAG header and Intel QUARTUS tool.