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DECbox and BlinkenBone on VCFe 14

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The annual Vintage Computer Festival Europe took place on april 27th/28th 2013 in Munich  ( for details).

And a combined DECbox/BlinkenBone installation was shown there!

vcfe14 blinkenbone kid


You can download drafts of

  • my posters
  • and my powerpoint show

(all in German, but some pictures).

Download this file (blinkenbone1.ppt)blinkenbone1.ppt[BlinkenBone PowerPoint show]5497 kB
Download this file (vcfe-poster.pdf)vcfe-poster.pdf[Posters for VCFe 14]305 kB


  • My PDP-11/44

    These pages document the adventures I experienced with my old PDP-11/44. I split it up into many sub-pages.

    A PDP-11/44 system, as DEC sees it:


    My first impression of a PDP-11/44 ...


    ... and the same system at exhibition, just 15 months later.


    Well, this is some up-and-down!

  • Some not-yet-successful stories
  • Misc
  • VAX 11/750: The Resurrection of a Comet
  • The PDP-10 KI10 console panel

    I always was fascinated by the PDP-10, model KI10 for two personal reasons:

    • it's been the first "real computer" I got in touch with.
    • it has one of the most beautiful front panels.

    So when one KI10 panel appeared on eBay in autumn 2012 there was no choice. I bought it, began restoration and connected it to BlinkenBone

    pdp10 ki10 all lamps-2

    And two years later I made a  virtual Java version of it, do be run on everybodies desktop.

    Read on about building the KI10!

    (And meanwhile there's an article on HACK A DAY about it)

  • Love affair with the DEC paper tape PC05

    In first half of 2015 I could acquire a batch of defective PC05 paper tape reader/punchers.

    six pc05


    They were quite rotten, but I managed to restore them (almost) all.

    Both the pure amount and the diversity of failures were impressive, and it was quite interesting to see all those little model variants.

  • PDP-11/70 Panel Research

    The console panel of DECs PDP-11/70 is quite iconic.

    misspiggy detail

    There are many of these in collections, usually saved when machines were upgraded and later dismantled.

    Projects like "BlinkenBone" or "PiDP11" try to emulate this front panel, connecting panel hardware to a modified "SimH" emulator.

    However, beeing 100% faithful requires to explore behaviour of a real existing PDP-11/70 in a lot of special situations.

    These tests where performed at the Living Computer Museum in Februar 2018. The PDP11/70 is  "Miss Piggy", a historic Microsoft server.

    Special thanks to Mike Hill, who designed lots of the test sequences, and ofcourse to the patient LCM staff!

    These pages document the test and their resulting videos