Project BlinkenBone - historic Blinkenlight console panels controlled by single-board Linux computer

The latest Linux single board computer "BeagleBone" is used to control one or more historical Blinkenlight console panels with the simulation software "SimH" or other programs.

blinkenbone components

You want to connect your own panel? Here are some step-by-step instructions.

After a year, there are several BlinkenBone projects now:

  • PDP-11/40. This panel was the first, and is documented on these pages in detail. It was well received on VCFe 14 in April 2013 in Munich.
  • PDP-11/45. BlinkenBone is finished, but since the colored acryl glass plate is missing, it is too ugly to publish pictures of it.
  • IBM 360/30. Went to the U.S., is under construction since March 2013.
  • PDP-10 KI10. Read here. Hardware is complete, SimH connection still missing.
  • PDP-11/70. Was already connected to USB, now moved to BlinkenBone, see here. Hardware is complete, SimH connection still missing.
  • another PDP-11/70 is under construction in the U.S. since Aug 2013.